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We are living in a new era, one where businesses are constantly connected and the heart of the business is stored and run on hundreds of devices at once. This is a world of multi-tasking as a necessity, with the need to be always on the pulse point of information and in light of this the requirement for multiple screens has increased substantially.

Every business has multiple devices: be that computers, tablet devices, laptops or mobile phones, there is a world of technology being employed for fast and simple solutions to multiple business needs. The fact is that to keep up with this technological and data saturated world you need multiple devices that perform to a high standard.

The Pulse Point of the World

So, what are the benefits of all of these devices? You and your employees are constantly connected so productivity is assured wherever you are, vital information is less likely to be lost or overlooked, the need for paper files decreases and collaboration on projects is much easier.

Further benefits include being able to buy cross-device software in order to run all of these devices, a money saving advantage as companies often have deals for multiple purchases of their OS and other computer software packages.

This also means that off-site data storage will become increasingly important as saving to one hard drive is no longer a feasible option. Manually moving data between devices can be time consuming, meaning data and files can be overlooked, misplaced or simply forgotten about on a device that is not often used. Having a remote data storage facility that these devices are linked to means all of your information will be available across platforms and nothing will be lost due to human error.

Of course, the major downside of all of this is that the cost of multiple devices is substantially more than the singular. But it must be said that a single larger payment at the start of implementing this multiple device business strategy is far outweighed by the benefits of having these devices in the workplace.

Should You Sync Everything?

Of course, having these devices might not always mean you should sync them all. There are pros and cons to everything and this is no different.


  • Files on multiple devices means the loss or system failure of one device is not the end of the world, all of your files will be safe and sound on one of the other devices for peace of mind.
  • Employees can collaborate in real-time on their projects, making it a more cohesive process with no need for constant relocation across offices in order to work together.
  • New devices are able to simply sync to your pre-established settings; this is useful in an office with multiple machines and avoids the somewhat tedious set-up times that can come with configuring new devices.
  • The ability to select what you would like to sync means that is completely personalisable for each user. Documents, apps and software that is required for work only can be synced and your employees privacy can be maintained.


  • Privacy is obviously the biggest con when it comes to device syncing. It can be a tricky process, maintaining your employees’ privacy whilst also optimising your company’s capabilities across devices. The modern paranoia that someone is able to access all of your information on a whim is a real problem and should be considered when syncing.
  • Another concern is security, an issue which plagues many facets of the technological world. The basic security of data storage facilities should be enough to deter any amateurs, but the fear that a more determined individual could force their way through is a persistent thought to push aside. At this level all that can be done is trust that the security measures provided by data storage facilities such as ours at Docklands are efficient enough for your needs.

The data centres at Docklands are equipped with the best telecommunication technology and network solutions, all to ensure that your data is protected and able to be employed wherever it is needed across your business. If you have any question about how we can help to store and secure your vital data, contact us online or call our friendly team on +44 (0)207 177 7000.