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Maintaining Cloud Security

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With more and more information being used, stored and accessed, the requirements of storage technologies needs to keep changing, so that they can keep up to date with this data increase. Whether you want to store your favourite movies or important documents, you won’t need to carry compact disks or hard drives with you – cloud services offer you ease of storage and access to both personal and professional information.

Keeping this information safe, however, is another matter. It’s important that you choose the right company and service, so that you can be confident your data will be protected at all times.

Types of Cloud:

Storing information online means you can access it anywhere you want, without having to carry data servers wherever you go. You can ensure that your information is stored and protected with different kinds of infrastructure, depending on what you need, which includes public, private and hybrid types of cloud. Your information still needs to be stored in a physical place, however, no matter the type of cloud you’re using.

A publicly available cloud means that you can rent or subscribe to a service for a determined amount of time, and you only need the login details to access the data – independently of where you are in the world. A private cloud typically means that the storage service will be set up in an allocated space, so that there’s a more restricted access to the information.

As for hybrid cloud systems, some information is available publically, some is available privately – and restricted to a few users. This structure allows you to switch between one and the other, according to your needs.

Keep Your Information Safe

Cloud security is an incredibly important matter, as you need to be able to trust that your information is always safe. There can be a difference between technology and security, however, which only highlights the importance of choosing a cloud service company you can rely on and which uses quality, efficient security.

In a recent study, 32% of cybersecurity and IT professionals said that they’ve had to abandon many traditional security policies or technologies because they’re not effective for cloud security. This is due to the fact that existing security processes don’t always work when applied to cloud-based interfaces, meaning companies should embrace technologies that are cloud-native. This type of security can perform upgrades often and store your data on backup servers, so it’s reliable.

Maintaining cloud security can be challenging, so it’s imperative that you ensure the service you choose has quality, dependable security you can rely on. Everyone here at Docklands DC understands this importance, so we strive to provide solutions that can help you safely store your data. If you wish to learn more about the services we provide, get in touch with us today on +44(0)207 177 7000.​