Docklands Data Centre Limited

What is Colocation?

Optimise your connectivity and performance.


Colocation might be that great change your business needs but, what if you have never heard of this concept before?  Colocation is the name of a data centre facility in which a business can rent space for servers and other computing hardware. Our colocation data centre provides building, cooling, power, bandwidth and physical security for all your data. Want to know what colocation services will bring to your business?

Money saving

You probably know if you ever had to: building, maintaining and updating a large computing facility costs a lot of. However, renting a space at your colocation services provider will be cheaper in the long running, saving money that could be used to improve other facilities in your business. Besides, colocation services can give you higher levels of bandwidth at much lower rates, so your business can have a large impact even if it’s done from a small office.


Backups are essential for an optimal business running. Your want your data to remain safe under all circumstances, although accidents can occur. In the past, events such as flooding could cause a power cut in your office during days, causing your business website to be down and your team unable to access the data stored on computers. Colocation services provide continuous backups and power generation to make sure your business keeps running under the most difficult circumstances. And our N+1 generators are built to guarantee a minimum of 72 hours of backup coverage if a main failure is to happen in our system.

Our colocation services also offer assistance with any technical problem you might have. Our IT team works 24/7 and is willing to solve any problem your business is facing to make sure that your employees and customers are equally happy. This also means you don’t need to have an IT team in your office, just contact us whenever the circumstances require it.


You can store your data in your office or in your business facilities but probably you can’t afford the level of security a colocation service can offer you. Our security officers work every day of the year on eight-hour turns and we also have the last technology in CCTV cameras – and you will be able to access them through our special system. Anyone who wants to get into our instalments has to use proximity cards and we will track them with an accurate record of access. The cabinets that store our customer’s data are protected with combination locks in both front and rear doors.


Perhaps the best feature of colocation services is the flexibility their offer, so they will adjust to your specific budget plan – and you can constantly keep updating this as your business changes and develops.

Contracting them will also give you more space in the office and will save time and effort to your team as they won’t need to take care of the servers at the office so they can focus on other tasks that will keep your business growing.

Also, if you need to change your office space you can do it without the worry of having to transport your own servers. This will give freedom to your business because you know you can be profitable wherever you are.

Dockland Data Centre has a world class standard and gateways to enter the UK and European market. You can contract your colocation services now and start saving money that will make your business grow quicker and expand. We are happy to discuss your business needs and willing to provide the exact power your need. Feel free to contact us or give as a call on +44 (0)207 177 7000.