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What Is the Cloud?

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The cloud is present in everyone’s reality as we use it constantly, but many people still find the concept mysterious and obscure even when this question has a very simple explanation. The cloud is basically the internet or, more specifically, all those things that can be accessed remotely over the Internet. For instance, every time a user uploads a photo on social media that image is being stored in servers of the internet instead of the user’s computer. This allows people to access their documents from any computer or device with an internet connection. The cloud makes life simpler for an individual and it can significantly improve the performance of a company. So what are the advantages of using the cloud for your business?


Using the cloud means that you and your employees will stop worrying about USB flash drives or any similar storage units. These devices can be easily damaged or lost and this brings expenses of both time and money for the company. Also, having all your data accessible from a single place means that all your staff can access and share documents. This will improve your team communication and performance because your employees can simultaneously work on the same bit of information.


Not so long ago, if one computer device crashed in your company this would create a real catastrophe, as lots of valuable data would be lost forever. Annoying as this is, it cannot be always prevented. Computers are machines and so they are not immune to failures. Nevertheless, if all the data and work your company does is kept on the cloud, having a computer crashing wouldn’t be a big deal anymore. The machine can be replaced and the information will still be accessible from any other device. That is one of the reasons why the IT team at your company are going to love the idea of using the cloud so they can stop fearing the loss of data.


It depends on the size of your business, but every company generates lots of new material on daily basis. That is why you needed to buy hardware equipment to store it safely and protect both your team and your company. Sadly, this sort of equipment has the same problem than computers. It is expensive and it outdates quickly, so you find yourself spending large amounts of money constantly to make sure the data of your business is well secured. The cloud can change things for your business because it is perfect for scalability. That means you will just pay for what you use. You don’t need to worry anymore about your equipment being up to date. And you can easily swing from paying more or less depending on the needs of your company at any time.

Docklands Data Centre is a company specialised in cloud computing services. We are located in London’s Docklands and our 23,000 square feet of net technical space are growing constantly to make sure we effectively store data from business such as yours. With our latest intelligence technology, we will make sure your information is safe and protected and we guarantee a high speed service. Contact us today to discuss the storage needs of your business or call us on +44 (0)207 177 7000 and we will be delighted to help.