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The New Face of Wi-Fi

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Wi-Fi has become a standard in every home and business environment. It can almost be called the nervous system of the world, most people can no longer go more than a few hours without access to the internet in order to stay connected with work and friends. There have been many advancements to Wi-Fi over the years; it is faster, easier to access and wider spread than ever before.

But there seems to be a major advancement to Wi-Fi technology on the horizon. The so-called Wi-Fi HaLow (pronounced halo) is apparently to take over the technological world and is set to change internet as we know it.

So, what is this new form of Wi-Fi and are there really any benefits?

What is Wi-Fi HaLow?

This newest form of Wi-Fi is said to run at lower frequencies, below one gigahertz, which provides a lower powered connection and provides a longer range than the current Wi-Fi used in homes and businesses. The main focus for this type of Wi-Fi is smart homes, cars, wearables and industries such as retail. This is because it’s ideal for systems that require sensors and receivers.

It is also said to be a more penetrative force than standard Wi-Fi. It is able to travel through walls and other objects much easier, making a much more robust connection according to the creators.

Old Vs. New

The new Wi-Fi HaLow will apparently still supply regular Wi-Fi and supports existing 5GHz bands. However, it seems that it will not match the transmission of traditional Wi-Fi and as such many people may be wary of the switch. The data transfer rate is between 150 kilobits and 18 megabits, which is much, much, lower than Wi-Fi.

But this low amount of Wi-Fi though perhaps not ideal for standard devices is perfect for the technology of wearables and sensors. This is because they only transmit occasional bursts of information, not the constant information transfer that many other types of devices need in order to function properly.

So, overall this new type of Wi-Fi will not automatically replace the standard in our homes and businesses overnight. It will, however, have an effect on the growing ‘smart’ technology that is on the rise in everyday life and so the demand for Wi-Fi HaLow will grow with the increasingly smart world around us.

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