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Why Should You Upgrade to Windows 10?

The launch of the new Window OS in 2015 was a huge talking point among technology enthusiasts worldwide. Windows 10 was going to be a return to classic elements that were much loved. It would remove elements of its predecessor, Windows 8, that were more tablet-focused and give desktop users the experience they had been demanding; improved internet, a return to more traditional start functions and significantly improved interface for tablets and phones.

But, despite having been adopted by many users on a consumer level, it is has been much slower moving for businesses to upgrade to Windows 10 also. It is an understandable hesitation; if your company is running perfectly well on Windows 8 what is the point of updating? However, the period of time in which Windows 10 will be available for free is running out, and after 29 July 2016 you will have to pay for the privilege. So, now is the perfect time to update!

The Benefits

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From a business point of view there are many reasons that you should be updating to Windows 10.

  • Added security: a new feature called ‘Device Guard’ vets software and apps in order to block zero-day attacks, it also operates remotely so connected devices can also recognise and neutralise malicious malware.
  • More security: patches for security protocols go straight to your PC and do not come through Windows Update. This means your device should be up to date and secure at all times even if you have not updated manually in a while, this means that hackers and malware should find it harder to damage your network.
  • Increased productivity: the new OS promises improved interface. Multiple virtual desktops, windows snapping, mobile device management and the ability to fully wipe devices means that you are able to spread your work across many devices and still have full control.

A specific improvement for businesses is the ability to update when and what you want. So, you are able to fine tune what you want on your system and distributing rings means that you have full control over updates for your devices also. This means that you can have the Windows 10 that your business needs, not just the standard OS that is the same as everyone else’s.

Some Issues

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There are of course some issues with any technological update.

  • If it isn’t broke, why fix it: it is hard to calculate the added benefits of an operating system update and as such it can be seen as too time-consuming and a general hassle.
  • It’s confusing: for both you and your employees this may cause added stress and the need for costly training. But, Microsoft has attempted to make the rollout of Windows 10 as cost-effective as possible. Making it compatible on much older computers is a way which they have done this.

In the short term migration can be a confusing process, but the ease of use and benefits of Windows 10 for your business should far outweigh any initial difficulties.

At Docklands we are dedicated to providing secure data solutions that provide you with the best service, no matter the OS that your company runs on. If you have any enquiries about the data storage or service that you require, you can contact us on +44(0)207 177 7000 and our friendly team will be happy to help.

Our Mission

Our Mission

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